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Welcome to ASPIRE® Healthy Energy!

Feel radiant and ready for anything.

ASPIRE® is for those who do not just want “more” energy -- they want perfectly balanced, clear, and focused, feel great all-day energy.

The crisp, light, sparkling taste of ASPIRE® and its delicious flavors complement any moment or mood.

Discover why ASPIRE® is becoming the go-to daily routine for those who prefer healthy energy for their healthy lifestyles.

How Aspire is Made:

A behind-the-scenes look, an empty can to Healthy Energy.

Meet The Flavors!

Raspberry + Acai

How do you pronounce that anyway?!  Who cares, it’s berry good with sweet raspberry and a splash of acai!

Mixed Berry

Strawberry forward with a blueberry finish!

Sweet Cherry

George Washington would love this ideally sweet refreshing cherry!

Mango Lemonade

Ideally sweet citrus blend, the perfect thirst quencher!

Apple + Acai

Light crisp apple with acai for a unique take on apple!


The perfect cranberry blend – sweet with a little tart finish!

Original Variety Pack

Sometimes you like to mix it up! Raspberry Acai, Sweet Cherry and Mango Lemonade for when you want sweet and tangy choices!


What is ASPIRE?

It is a great-tasting, healthy energy drink with zero sugar or calories. It has a crisp, light taste with a sparkling finish and 80 mg of natural caffeine (the same as a standard cup of coffee)—a smooth, sustained energy lift without the sugar, calories, or the unwanted crash. Move beyond the fleeting effects of coffee or diet sodas and welcome the benefits of B & C vitamins for enhanced focus and overall well-being.

How much caffeine?

80mg of natural plant-based caffeine, the same amount as a standard cup of coffee.

Plant-based Caffeine?

Premium Green Tea and Guarana Seed Extract. Our proprietary energy blend offers smooth, sustained energy and focus without the unwanted jitters or crash.

Why are they Healthy?

It combines plant-based ingredients, moderate levels of caffeine, no sugar, no calories, and a variety of vitamins and essential nutrients. 

Are they natural?

Everything is natural except a small amount of Sucralose (1/100th of a gram). Sucralose is the only non-natural sweetener derived from real sugar. No Aspartame.


Yes, lightly carbonated, lower than typical soft drink or seltzer.

Vegan, Kosher, and Keto?

All the above. They are also soy-free, gluten-free, and suitable for people with diabetes.

Other benefits?

Yes, Aspire contains Biotin, Ginger, L-carnitine, and No Artificial Colors or Flavors.