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Lemony Lime

$24.99 or $22.49 / month

ASPIRE® is great tasting, lightly sparkling healthy energy with no calories, no sugar, natural caffeine from premium green tea and essential vitamins for smooth, sustained energy and focus with no jitters.

  • 80mg of Natural Caffeine from Premium Green Tea
  • No Jitters, No Crash
  • No Calories, No Sugar and No Carbs
  • Vitamins B for mental alertness & focus
  • Vitamin C antioxidants & niacin to reduce stress
  • Biotin for healthy skin and nails
  • L-carnitine for more efficient metabolism
  • No Preservatives
  • Supportive of lifestyles: Vegan, Kosher, Keto-Friendly, Gluten Free & suitable for people with diabetes

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
So tasty

Lemony Lime has a crisp taste, similar to a Sprite. This is quickly becoming one of my top favorites.

Mazon Grace
Love Aspire

Love Aspire
love I can open can put in frig and drink rest later and it still has it’s fizz. Don’t think there’s a flavor I don’t like but Lemony Lime is in top 3.

Laurel Simula
Best energy drinks ever!!!

These flavors are amazing!!! Haven’t had a bad flavor yet and I’ve tried the peach tea lemonade, lemony lime, raspberry açaí, and the mango lemonade. Such a refreshing way to start the day. I don’t let these run out!!!

Selena Garside

I've tries ordering this lemony lime flavor twice now. The first time, the item was out of stock and the company refunded my order. The second time I ordered it though, I was charged and they sent me an entirely different flavor. I reached out to customer service to have this corrected and i got no response. Its been a few weeks since I've placed my order and the company doesnt seem to have any intention of fixing the mistake. Quite disappointed. .

Sherry Murphy
Great refreshing drink

I love the taste of the aspire drinks, especially the dark cherry lime and lemony lime! I’ve had other energy drinks but none compare to the taste of aspire !! It also does not make my heart rush or pound. Would love to get them in local stores so my friends can try and buy. I share them with my friends and they love them also.


I didn't think I would like Lemony Lime, there are so many others out there, but I found it delicious and now one of my favorite flavors.

Sherry Murphy
Taste sensation

I have tried several emery drinks and have not liked any of them. Aspire lemony lime is delicious. I like it so much I’m trying different a few different flavors. I am a water drinker and I am enjoying a bubbly beverage while we have cocktails with our friends, in the past I only had water because I didn’t want soda because it’s not thirst quenching, but now aspire is my favorite drink.

Great new flavor!

Love my Aspire!! My new fav. The lemony lime is great!!! Then- Dark cherry lime - Cranberry.

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Orange Pineapple

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Peach Tea Lemonade

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$24.99 or $22.49 / month


What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRER is a great tasting, lightly sparkling, healthy energy drink with no calories, no sugar and no carbs.  With 80mg of natural green tea and natural plant-based B&C vitamins and other nutrients, ASPIRE delivers a smooth, sustainable energy with no jitters or crash that can be enjoyed multiple times a day.

Where is this drink made?

ASPIRE is made in the USA, on a production line co-owned by ASPIRE to ensure exceptional quality.

What package options are available for online purchase?

ASPIRE is available online in 12-pack, or 24-pack and available in Singles, 4-packs, 12-packs, and 15-packs at your local stores. Check our site or your  local supermarkets for options and exclusive variety pack offerings.

Is ASPIRE carbonated?

ASPIRE is very lightly carbonated at a level lower than typical soft drinks.

How much caffeine does ASPIRE have per can relative to one cup of coffee?

Yes, ASPIRE contains 80mg of natural plant-based caffeine, the same as a standard cup of coffee. The moderate level of natural caffeine allows for consumption multiple times a day.

Which flavor has the strongest and sweetest/tartest taste?

ASPIRE flavors are fresh and natural and less sweet or strong than traditional soft drinks.  Raspberry Acai and Cranberry have a more tart sweet flavor, while Mango Lemonade, Orange Pineapple and Dark Cherry Lime are smooth and sweet.  Lemony Lime is a crisp, citrus flavor.

Where does the caffeine in ASPIRE come from?

The natural, plant-based caffeine in Aspire is derived from Premium Green Tea and Guarana Seed Extract. Our proprietary energy blend offers sustained energy and focus without jitters or  crash.

Is there a variety pack?

Yes, ASPIRE offers a number of variety packs that are exclusive to club shopping such as BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club. We also have a number of variety pack options on our site or on

Is this made with green coffee?

No, ASPIRE does not contain coffee and contains natural, premium green tea.  All flavors have the same proprietary caffeine, vitamin and nutrient blend.

How much Sucralose is in ASPIRE?

Because Sucralose is very sweet, ASPIRE uses only 1/100th of a gram per can, which  is the equivalent of about 1/10th of a packet of Splenda



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