• How did it all begin? Here's the inside scoop and some Aspire Healthy Energy Drinks history
  • We love to share healthy energy Aspire wherever we go. Here we are at some of our favorite retail partners and at events sampling the no calories, no sugars and no carbs Goodness!
  • We love to share healthy energy Aspire wherever we go. Here we are on the street handing out free cans of no calories, no sugars and no carbs Goodness!
  • Got questions about Aspire Healthy Energy Drinks? We've got answers. Her's our most frequently asked questions.

Like many adventures, ASPIRE® began with a conversation between two friends, Darren Linnell and Neil Blewitt. The two young Englishmen were looking for a ready-to-drink, good-for-you, everyday beverage that tasted great and would give them energy and focus. Trouble was, such a drink really didn’t exist back in late 2008. Sure, there were “energy” drinks back then, but they weren’t really all that good for you and most were overloaded with sugar and high amounts of caffeine.

As the idea for a new kind of drink percolated, Darren and Neil sought out the help and advice of nutritionists and beverage industry experts to help turn their vision into reality. All of 2009 was spent testing and developing what would become Healthy Energy ASPIRE. In March of 2010, their dream became a reality and the first cans of ASPIRE Cranberry were produced and sold.

ASPIRE was a huge hit, garnering both beverage industry and consumer awards as the brand expanded and grew across several European countries. In mid-2014, the very first cans of ASPIRE were sold in the United States.

Since those early conversations and humble beginnings, ASPIRE has added new flavors (Apple + Acai, Mango Lemonade and the latest, Raspberry + Acai) and is being distributed in an ever-growing list of majors retailers across the world.

Today, ASPIRE continues to relentlessly improve and grow while remaining true to the original vision of it’s founders; a great tasting, good-for-you, everyday drink that gives you the energy and focus to live the life you love.

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