It’s showtime for Healthy Energy ASPIRE® at Sam’s Club. From now through November 24th, sampling teams will be at select Sam’s Club stores for 4-day sampling and sales events. Events in Texas, California and Arkansas are ahead on the schedule. ASPIRE drinks is looking forward to bringing great tasting, healthy energy to a bigger audience.

Recognizing changing customer desires, Sam’s Club is looking to bring good-for-you, healthier options to their large customer base. With that being said, ASPIRE, with all those B & C vitamins and natural nutrients, is a great fit.

So far, after 3 weeks and 24 stores in Illinois and California, we’re thrilled with how Sam’s Club customers are receiving ASPIRE. With special, Sam’s Club-Only pricing and an extra incentive to buy two 12-packs, sales are booming. This bodes well, not only for the remainder of the schedule, but for becoming a regular item at Sam’s Clubs in the future.

To find out where healthy energy ASPIRE will be at Sam’s Club each week, visit:

If you’re looking to become a Sam’s Club member, visit: Sam’s Club Membership

If you are in the area of one of our events, take a moment and stop in. Sample some no calories, no sugars and no carbs ASPIRE. Grab a couple of 12-Packs. And hey, snap a pic at our booth and send it to: to be part of our I LOVE ASPIRE selfie contest. We give away three 12-packs every week to randomly chosen ASPIRE drinkers.

What is Healthy Energy ASPIRE?

With no calories, sugars or carbs, healthy energy ASPIRE is the perfect every day drink to help you get more out of life. With essential B & C vitamins, natural, good-for-you nutrients along with natural caffeine, ASPIRE gives you the energy and focus for what matters to you. And there’s no jittery feeling and no crash from ASPIRE. Just healthy, sustained energy and focus.